Cheryl and Meryl
Gender Female
Species Toucan
Alias The Toucans
Friends Brandy Harrington

Lola Boa
Mr. Whiskers
Gaspar Le Gecko
Tiffany Turlington
Sandy Carington
Mr. Frisky

'Cheryl and Meryl are twin toucan sisters who hold a grudge against each other. They are also Brandy's friends. They fight a lot, and often their fights lead to catastrophes for Mr. Whiskers and Brandy. They do occasionally get along. They are main characters and appear in most episodes. They are both good friends of Brandy and are friends with Ed, Whiskers, Lola Boa, and Margo.Cheryl and Meryl both have African American RnB and Hip-Hop-style voices.



Cheryl Gabriella Caroline Toucan is tends to be lower and much more ghetto. Cheryl's actually the one who starts most of their fights. Cheryl tends to be a good friend by sticking up for Brandy.


Meryl Isabella Madeline Toucan has the higher pitched voice. She also tends to be the nicer of the two. Meryl is usually much friendlier than her sister. 

Cheryl and Meryl fandom name's are Cherylicious and Merylmaniacs.  



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Brandy is possibly Cheryl and Meryl's best friend even though they're mostly seen around Lola Boa in most public places. Cheryl and Meryl do often oppose Brandy when she's being selfish and rude towards Whiskers or being snobby. 

Mr. WhiskersEdit

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Cheryl and Meryl probably find Whiskers to be just as annoying as Brandy does. Though these twins do alert Brandy to help Whiskers when Brandy's being stubborn. Meryl seems to have some compassion towards Mr. Whiskers.


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Both of the toucan sisters hang out with Margo usually in public places such as the Mall or the Watering Hole. Though they do tend to talk about her behind her back when only with Brandy or sometimes Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. Cheryl and Meryl are usually seen a group with Lola Boa and sometimes Margo (such as in the mall) without Brandy.

Lola BoaEdit

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Cheryl and Meryl are even more seen around Lola Boa than Brandy and Margo. Even though Lola Boa is most often seen around the twins, her best friend is Brandy.


  • In the episode Everybody Knows Your Shame, Cheryl and Meryl stated they like to dress up as fantasy characters.