Gaspar Pierre Ferdinand Le'Gecko is a character from the series Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. He is the self-appointed dictator/entrepreneur/musical director of the Amazon Rainforest. However, the only reason he is the leader is because no one else bothered to take the position. He has a strong desire to eat Mr. Whiskers and he often tries to make schemes in order to gain an opportunity to do such. Gaspar is one of the few individuals in the Rainforest who has the ability to help Brandy get back home to civilization, though after Brandy betrayed him by going back on his deal in the first episode, he hasn't since offered to help her out again. Gaspar is often seen with his monkey henchmen, and often serves as the antagonist of the series. Gaspar also tends to like using others (mostly Brandy and/or Whiskers) to get what he wants. However, Gaspar has shown a softer side of somewhat friendship to Brandy and Whiskers when it suits his best interests. He also displays a more sensitive side that he usually keeps to himself, such as liking ballet and little dolls. He is somewhat in love with Brandy.

Gaspar's fandom name is Gaspar Le'Geekers.


Mr. Whiskers, Brandy

Gaspar has associated with both Brandy and Mr. Whiskers for A number of miscellaneous reasons. For one, Gaspar has tried to cook Mr. Whiskers up a number of times, and Brandy once or twice. Another one of his motives was when he was supersticious about good luck (+ bad) he tried capturing Whiskers for his lucky Rabbits Feet. Then Brandy appeared with bad luck charms (Lola Boa (Snakes In House), Owl (In Day Time) etc.) On another occasion, Gaspar tricked Brandy into being his date for his very frail elderly mother to be impressed, when the mother was actually a male employee of Gaspar. Both Brandy and Mr. Whiskers catch on to Gaspar. Brandy usually verbally attacking him, and Whiskers more often naively falling for his schemes.