Lola Odelia Marjorita Boa or also known as Lola Boa, as her name suggests, a boa constrictor and often the voice of reason amongst Brandy Harrington's friends.

Physical descriptionEdit

Lola looks like a pink and purple striped snake with big red lips. Despite not having any ears, she is usually seen wearing huge gold hoop earrings. Her eyelashes are also very long.


Lola is very kind and welcoming. She helps where she can, and usually knows what's best. She speaks with a heavy Spanish accent. While she often has great ideas, Brandy believes her ideas aren't too bright.


Brandy HarringtonEdit

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Brandy Harrington is Lola's best friend. Lola is always there to help her out even when things get tough, although Brandy's cruel nature is sometimes too harsh for her to even tolerate. Brandy secretly believes she is gross because she swallows rodents whole while they are still alive. However, Lola remains one of Brandy's best friends throughout the show.

Mr. WhiskersEdit

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Mr. Whiskers is one of Lola's friends. Due to his fear of snakes, he often feels threatened and scared by Lola. Lola tends to show compassion for Mr Whiskers when Brandy's being hard on him.


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Lola Boa and Ed have always been friends. Later in the series they begin to show somewhat of affection towards each other. At first, Mr. Whiskers was very opposed to it because they wouldn't have enough "guy time". On the other hand, Brandy thought it was a good idea because Lola was her best friend. At the very end they both admit their feelings for each other. Lol


Lola is voiced by Alanna Ubach.


  • Lola Boa speaks with a Latin Hispanic accent and is well known for her r rolls.
  • Lola and Gaspar are the only two characters in the series with a spanish accent.
  • Lola used to have a crush on the Vic.
  • Even though she is seen mostly around Cheryl and Meryl, her best friend is Brandy.
  • In You've Got Snail Lola works as a nurse.