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The Show Must Go Wrong
Season 1, Episode 38
Air date July 22, 2005
Written by Russell Marcus
Directed by Timothy Björklund
Episode guide
"Radio Free Bunny"
"Whiskers the Great"
The Show Must Go Wrong is the 38th episode of Season 1 of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers . It aired on July 29, 2005.


After finding a suitcase of video equipment Brandy decides to make a video to send down the stream to help her get rescued. She and the rest of the jungle reenact the story of how she got stranded but find it too boring so Brandy ends up embellishing it. Getting carried away with the production she starts to write her friends out of the script to add her into it more. Brandy has to finish the movie alone once she starts to act like a movie star and becomes too much of a diva for the other animals to work with.

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