- A wolf, who appeared in "Wolfie: Prince of the Jungle". He was a former love interest of Brandy.

Brandy noticed Wolfie at the watering hole immediately and developed a crush. When Brandy was falling off the cliff of the watering hole, Wolfie swung on a vine and saved her life. Brandy thanked him and he began to like her too. Brandy and Wolfie began to date. Wolfie is quite a gentleman around Brandy but can be very savage in the company of Mr. Whiskers. Whiskers helps Wolfie become sophisticated by spraying him from a bottle everytime he felt the urge to chew a flea on his butt. Brandy found out about this and was touched but wanted Wolfie to be himself. Wolfie chose his savage lifestyle with Whiskers.

He was voiced by Diedrich Bader.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wolfie is a broad muscular black wolf with big blue eyes and a long snoop. He has pointy teeth and walks on all fours usually.He has long curly squiggly black hair and wears a fur skirt.


Wolfie tries his hardest to be a gentleman towards Brandy but is regularly his wild, untamed, savage like self. He can be very sweet and is kind of shy around Brandy but very happy with her. He has an urge to chew a flea on his butt. He reveals to Brandy that he was raised by monkeys.


Brandy Harrington

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Wolfie tries acting like a gentleman and sophisticated towards Brandy. He is very sweet and shy around Brandy but very happy. They end up breaking up though do to his inner personality.

Mr. WhiskersEdit

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Wolfie and Whiskers have bonded closely and can act very untamed together. Whiskers was being a good friend to Wolfie by trying to get him to impress Brandy. Wolfie decided to have fun with Whiskers in the end.


Wolfie did appear again in "Brandy's Best-Ever Boyfriend" with a girlfriend quite similar to himself.